Wine Guardian® Pro Specialty Cooling Systems Announced

Wine Guardian Pro ducted specialty cooling unit

Wine Guardian, a division of Air Innovations®, announced the release of its new Pro specialty HVAC cooling systems today.

Wine Guardian Pro systems are the most technologically-advanced specialty cooling systems on the market and condition a wide range of applications including artwork or document preservation, instrument storage, fur storage, computer closets, server room conditioning, niche environments, hot spots, and other low-temperature applications.

These cooling systems offer an extensive list of standard features including 24-volt electronics for use with today’s smart thermostats and building management systems, enhanced refrigeration controls, and high-ambient temperature protection.

Wine Guardian Pro conditioning systems are available in ducted and ducted split configurations with capacities from 3,400-15,680 BTU/H. To learn more about the Wine Guardian Pro ducted and Pro split systems, visit the Pro webpage.

— Wine Guardian is a brand of Air Innovations, the leader in temperature and humidity control systems. All Wine Guardian products are manufactured in the USA. Air Innovations is a world leader in designing and building environmental process control systems for applications that can’t be addressed with standard HVAC equipment.

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