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Prosper Wine House is a two-story wine bar with a rooftop patio and 1600 square foot event space located in Prosper, Texas. Wine Guardian distributor, Vineyard Wine Cellars had the opportunity to design, build, and install the bar’s wine storage room.

The wine room utilizes glass walls allowing for bar patrons to admire the impressive wine collection from the lounge area. Vineyard Wine Cellars installed a variety of racking types in the room including label-forward, angled display rows, bulk bin storage, and stemware holder and pouring niche. The space features black anodized aluminum posts and bottle rods with white oak elements, contributing to a modern rustic look.

What’s really unique about this wine room is that it features wine lockers, giving members of the bar the ability to store some of their more precious bottles in a temperature controlled environment. Vineyard Wine Cellars installed 42 individual wood wine lockers with a capacity of 12 bottles each. The wine room as a whole can fit approximately 1,654 bottles of wine.

To ensure that member’s bottles of wine were being properly preserved, Vineyard Wine Cellars trusted Wine Guardian to provide a wine cellar cooling unit that could handle a large wine room with a lot of glasswork. Vineyard Wine Cellar’s team installed a D088 ducted wine cellar cooling unit. The cooling unit is located in a separate mechanical room and ducts cool air directly into the wine space, ensuring no mechanical equipment is visible.

Looking for a expert wine cellar designer and builder for your next project? Vineyard Wine Cellars has over 20 years of experience designing and building custom wine cellars. Check out some of their other wine cellar projects below or contact one of their experts today:

If you’re in Prosper, Texas be sure to also check out Prosper Wine House and their beautiful wine cellar and their impressive wine list!

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