Celebrating a Decade-Long Partnership with Wine Cellar Depot

10-Year Partner Logo

Wine Cellar Depot, headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, has been selling wine cellars, cabinets, and cooling units since 2003. Specializing primarily in commercial applications, Wine Cellar Depot has cultivated a deep knowledge of cooling and humidity control technology that enables them to offer an exceptional experience to all their customers, extending far beyond one-dimensional installation jobs. We are honored to have worked for this long with such a savvy, wonderful group of people. Here is what came up when we reminisced about our ten-year partnership with Wine Cellar Depot.

Getting to Know One Another

Wine Cellar Depot inquired about becoming a reseller and learned that we seek to establish a meaningful connection with our distributors before opening a sales channel. They waited patiently for us to get to know their business—while learning more about our product lines and process of working together—and eventually became a partner. The company appreciated the level of exclusivity associated with working with us because they knew our brand was associated with far more than just cooling units. After selling Wine Guardian products directly, Wine Cellar Depot quickly realized that a certain level of expectation and trust goes both ways. They believe in what our products and services will do for their clients as much as we trust them to uphold all that our brand stands for.

“Not everyone gets to be a Wine Guardian partner and that level of exclusivity says as much about their products as it does about the company. As a trusted reseller, the Wine Guardian support team consistently conveys a sense of ‘How high can I jump for you?’ This next-level customer care is a value we share and the reason Wine Guardian is our first choice for preserving our clients’ prized collections.”

-Ramona Lehnert, Distribution & Commercial Sales, Cellar Design, Wine Cellar Depot

The Wine Cellar Depot team works closely with builders who have varying degrees of experience creating cellars and who rely on Wine Cellar Depot to think through complex applications – one of their many strengths as a distributor. Since they need so much versatility in design and installation for their projects, Wine Cellar Depot has found the Wine Guardian ducted split systems to be their go-to solution for the most intricate projects.

Wine Cellar Depot values the ability to duct through multiple ports and accommodate extended lengths of ductwork and still execute a vibration-free, quiet wine cellar. Through vast experience, our partners have also found the ducted split solutions complementary to projects involving a fair amount of millwork. What we enjoy so much about working with Wine Cellar Depot is the opportunity to collaborate with such a thoughtful, competent team.


Our friends at Wine Cellar Depot know that as a trusted reseller, providing them with exceptional service is a top priority. Not only do we stand behind our products, but we are also there for our distributors in every conceivable way from resolving technical glitches to helping them think through complex design and installation issues. It is important to us that Wine Cellar Depot is as satisfied with our level of service as they are with our products. One of the reasons behind the long-standing partnership between Wine Guardian and Wine Cellar Depot is that the entire team at Wine Cellar Depot holds its customer relationships to an equally high standard. We look forward to partnering for another decade because projects just work so well between us.

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