How to Heat a Wine Cellar

Should I heat my wine cellar?

In many cases, especially in northern climates, heating your cellar will be necessary. If you have a cellar that will be subject to ambient temperatures below 55°F (13°C), you’ll need to protect it with a heating coil. Without the ability to heat, a cooling unit can do nothing if the cellar temperature in the cellar falls below the control set point. The best system is one where the heating is integrated into the cooling unit and works off the same thermostat. This prevents any overlap where a freestanding heater might be on at the same time the cooling unit is cooling. Again, with the cellar thermostat controlling both heating and cooling, the wine temperature will remain constant throughout the year.

A Wine Guardian ducted system with an electric heat option will allow you to either cool or heat the air in your cellar, ensuring your wine is always protected regardless of outside environment temperatures.

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