Wine Cellar Building for Restaurants & Bars

When your wine room is equipped with a Wine Guardian, style, performance and sophistication are always on the menu.

Wine rooms for Restaurants and Bars are often designed and built to be a showpiece, with an abundance of glass to show off the wine storage space and fine wines contained inside. They too can take on a variety of shapes, from single cabinets to multi-storied cylindrical glass towers and lights are typically on for extended periods of time. Understanding wine cellar in-out traffic, bottle rotation, temperature requirements, lighting levels and the insulation values of the walls and ceilings is critical to the proper sizing and operation of the wine cellar cooling unit – and no one knows more than Wine Guardian.

Serving Temperature Option

wine cabinets with wine

The Serving Temperature option allows a Wine Guardian wine-cellar cooling unit to control to an extended temperature range from 42°F to 64°F (5°C to 18°C).  This option is ideal for single to multiple cabinet applications and small wine rooms where consumption-temperature cooling is preferred.  It also allows the user to rotate wine stock and change set point from season to season, making it ideal for restaurants, wine bars, clubs, etc.  Read more.

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