Wine Cellars of the Carolinas levack Wine Guardian Projects Gallery

Wine Cellars of the Carolinas Project Gallery

Below are some wine cellars all created by Wine Cellars of the Carolinas using Wine Guardian cooling units. Each cellar presents a contemporary style and implements the newest technology.

Under-Stair Wine Cellar Project

This wine cellar features Stained Alder Racking and insulated glass to compliment the rooms elegant atmosphere. The cellar provides maximum security with an eye scanner for opening the door. Our smallest ducted split cooling unit was used for this project.

  • Levack 1 (1)

Metal Racks Project

The metal racks featured in this image are ideal for modern styled homes. A 1/2 ton Wine Guardian ducted unit with high and low ambient kits and humidity were utilized for this project.

  • Metal Racks

Pinehurst Lockers Project

The wine lockers offer an individual location for country club members’ wine bottles. A Wine Guardian ducted wine cooler was used for this project.

  • Pinehurst Lockers