Wine is your passion.

Preserving it is ours.

Wine Cellar

Experts in the wine cellar.

For centuries, the best wine producers in the world trusted deep underground caves to properly store and age fine wine. Today, wine collectors worldwide turn to Wine Guardian. Our wine cellar cooling systems are specifically designed to replicate those trusted conditions in your wine cellar.

Rely on Wine Guardian to preserve your fine wine investment.

  • Control both temperature and humidity with precision
  • Operate the most energy efficient wine cellar cooling system
  • Relax with the quietest cooling system for wine cellars
  • Trust in durable, commercial-grade quality

With several types of ducted, ducted-split, and through-the-wall systems, Wine Guardian offers more models, capacities and options in wine-cellar cooling than any other manufacturer, anywhere in the world. See why, when it comes to wine cellar design and environment control, there’s no one with more knowledge and expertise than Wine Guardian.

Through the Wall

Choosing Your Wine Cellar Cooling System

Whether you're looking to equip your small home wine cellar, a large commercial wine cellar, or anything in between, Wine Guardian is here to help. Our quiet and versatile wine cellar cooling systems will suit all of your technical requirements and, not to mention, your unique style. Use our Cooling Load Calculator to see which Wine Guardian system will best suit your cellar.

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All About Wine Cellars

At Wine Guardian, we're here to help you with everything you need to know to properly care for your fine wine collection.

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