Most Advanced Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Protect your wine investment. Wine Guardian’s Sentinel Series units are the strongest and most
energy-efficient wine cellar cooling systems on the market. They provide optimal temperature and humidity
control for both commercial and residential cellars with a design that allows for easy installation and
service. *Patent Pending

I really love this new product. [Wine Guardian] is the best in the biz!

David M. – Wine Storage Consultant

1. Accessible

Innovative multi-panel with integral fasteners design for easy service and maintenance. Doors, duct collars, and optional humidifier can be removed with just a coin!

2. Comprehensive

The Sentinel Series offers a wide range of control for your unique needs. Optional remote sensors and controllers allow for easy monitoring and control of your cellar. Exclusive to the Pro Series are 24-volt electronics for integration with an existing smart home or commercial building management system.

Remote Interface Controller

3. Efficient

Fully insulated cabinet and duct collars for protection in the most demanding environments. In addition, nylon fasteners help prevent sweating.

Watch as Kevin (who works in packing) saws duct collars in half to show off their insulation properties.

4. Bold

Made of the highest UL rated composite material, the Sentinel Series offers a stylish and contour look for today’s modern homes.

5. Strong

The construction of the Sentinel Series prevents dents and scratches from installation and shipping.

Watch Ronnie (who works in manufacturing) put the new Sentinel Series to the test by hitting the side panel 8 times with 4 different hammers.

6. Versatile

Both the ducted and ducted split systems can be installed in a variety of locations. The ducted split systems are our most flexible units and are perfect for wine cellars with little extra room for a self-contained system.

Options & Accessories:

  • Water-cooled systems
  • Humidification
  • Electric heat
  • Extreme climate protection
  • Remote control, monitoring, and sensing
  • Duct kits and grilles
  • Extended warranties

* Not all options are available for all units. Contact a distributor for more information.