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Wine Cellar Info

Small Wine Cellar Cooling

When it comes to small wine cellars, we’re experts down to the smallest detail.

Whether your wine collection consists of a few bottles or a few thousand, it’s of the utmost value to you. Every prized case of fine wine deserves to age in ideal conditions. And no wine cellar is too small to use a Wine Guardian system.

Our equipment cycles on and off as required, sometimes operating only a few minutes every hour to assure that ideal wine cellar temperature and humidity conditions are maintained. Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall units are typically used in wine cellars of about 500 cubic feet (15 cubic meters), but have been used successfully in cellars of half that size. Their self-contained, plug and play design, coupled with their ability to exhaust heat into an adjacent, internal space, make them ideal choices to control temperature even in the smallest of wine cellars.