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Small Wine Cellar Cooling Units

When it comes to small wine cooling, we’re experts down to the smallest detail.

Whether your wine collection consists of a few bottles or a few thousand, it’s of the utmost value to you. Every prized case of fine wine deserves to age in ideal conditions. And no wine cellar is too small to use a Wine Guardian system.

Our equipment cycles on and off as required, sometimes operating only a few minutes every hour to assure that ideal wine cellar temperature and humidity conditions are maintained. Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall units are ideal for small wine cellars and have a max capacity of 2,100 BTU/H (455 Watts). Their self-contained, plug and play design, coupled with their ability to exhaust heat into an adjacent, internal space, make them ideal choices to control temperature even in the smallest of wine cellars.

Use our wine cellar cooling calculator to find your cellar’s required cooling capacity

Ductless split wine cooling systems are ideal for small wine cellars that have no room for mechanical equipment or are unable to accommodate ductwork. These conditioning systems are versatile enough for either surface mounting or space-saving through-the-wall mounting while providing the flexibility of a split system with a condensing unit that is typically place outdoors. This system provides a max cooling capacity of 2,800 BTU/H (760 Watts).

Our Most Popular Wine Cooling unit for small wine cellars:

TTW018 Wine Cooling Unit 60Hz