Wine Guardian Introduces Heater Option for TTW Units

Through-the-Wall with heater option

Wine Guardian is now offering an electric heater option on Through-the-Wall (TTW) wine cellar cooling units. The heater allows TTW009 and TTW018 wine cooling systems to heat the cellar in addition to cooling.

When the air temperature drops below the system set point, the heater in the TTW system activates, warming the air entering the cellar and maintaining a constant temperature. Without a heater, the wine cellar environment could be too cold for proper long term storage of wine. Temperature fluctuations may cause the bottles to contract and expand continuously, allowing cold air to be sucked into the bottle through the cork, causing the wine’s aroma to be replaced with damaging air. The wine will not age properly if the cellar remains below the set point for an extended period of time.

In spite of this new 500-watt heating capacity, through-the-wall systems featuring this option are not any larger in size. This keeps the unit small and easy to install.

“We are excited to be the first company to offer customers with smaller wine cellars and wine cabinets the opportunity to select a heater for their through-the-wall cooling unit,” said Wine Guardian Division Manager Mike Militi.

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