Wine Guardian Develops New Polymer Base for Through-the-Wall Units

March 27, 2015 As part of its continual improvement process, Wine Guardian recently redesigned the base of its through-the-wall wine cellar cooling systems and reconceived packaging. In order to make its through-the-wall units even lighter and easier to handle and to prevent any possibility of corrosion, Wine Guardian changed the base of its units from aluminum to a polymer composite.

The newly designed base incorporates a polymer composite that maintains the durability of the existing corrosion-resistant base, but eliminates the possibility of Galvanic corrosion of the internal components that mount to the base. Additionally, the new base is 2lbs lighter than the former base – making the unit 8 lbs. less than the nearest competitive unit for the TTW009 and 40lbs. less than the nearest competitive unit for the TTW018 through-the-wall system.

As an additional benefit, the new composite reduces the visibility of scratches that occur during installation (which can affect the overall appearance of wine cellars utilizing a through-the-wall system).

Finally, packaging has been redesigned so the EZ-Mount sleeve and unit ship in one box, making it easier for removal prior to installation.

“While the previous designs of Wine Guardian through-the-wall systems were already 10-60% lighter than comparable units from the competition, we are always striving to improve the product,” said Mike Militi, North America Division Manager. “This new base and packing combination will make installation easier, which means customers can preserve their wine and enjoy their wine cellar with less effort.”

Wine Guardian will begin shipping through-the-wall wine cellar cooling systems with the new polymer composite bases beginning April 1, 2015.

Learn more about the Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall wine-cellar cooling system.

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