Wine Guardian Introduces New Serving Temperature Option for Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

multiple wine cabinets

Wine is stored at 55°F (13°C), but is served anywhere from 42°-64°F (5°-18°C),depending on the type of wine. Wine Guardian Serving Temperature Systems are the first and only cooling systems designed exclusively for the extended temperature ranges of wine cabinets or small wine rooms. This is an ideal option for single to multiple cabinet applications and small wine rooms where consumption-temperature cooling is preferred.

Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units configured with this option are ideal for restaurants, wine bars, reception halls, and other commercial applications because they allow the user to change the system set point from season to season, as wine tastes change. “There is no need for your customers to warm cold wine with their hands or to cool wine in ice buckets before serving when you store the wines at the correct consumption temperature,” stated Michael Militi, Wine Guardian Division Manager.

In addition to the ability to set and adjust the serving temperature, you also have the flexibility of placing the ducts anywhere within the cabinet, whereas the cooling system is placed outside single or multiple cabinets, maximizing storage space.

Features include:

  • Ability to set and adjust serving temperature from 42°-64°F (5°-18°C)
  • Remote sensors and/or controls for ease of monitoring
  • Condition single or multiple cabinets
  • Water-cooled or air-cooled systems are available
  • Most Wine Guardian units can be ordered with this option

Wine Guardian is a registered trademark of Air Innovations, which manufactures Wine Guardian products in New York State.

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