Wine Guardian Announces New Sentinel Series

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Wine Guardian releases its most innovative wine cellar temperature and humidity control units to date.

SYRACUSE, NY, [September. 15, 2021] — Wine Guardian, the leader in wine cellar cooling technology, announced its new line of temperature and humidity control units. The Wine Guardian Sentinel Series includes the strongest and most energy-efficient wine cellar cooling systems on the market. These ducted or ductable split cooling units provide optimal temperature and humidity control for either commercial or residential wine rooms, wine displays, and wine cellars.

“After more than a decade with the same proven design we felt it was time to modernize the look of Wine Guardian to be more consistent with the appliances and equipment found in our clients’ high-end homes,” said Michael Wetzel, President and CEO. “The new design gave us the opportunity to make some strategic improvements by making the units more durable, efficient, and even easier to install and service.”

Key features of the Wine Guardian Sentinel Series:

  1. Accessible: Innovative multi-panel design with integral fasteners allows for easy service and maintenance.
  2. Comprehensive: Extended range of temperature and humidity control.
  3. Efficient: Fully insulated cabinet and duct collars for protection in the most demanding applications (including hot and humid climates).
  4. Bold: A stylish and contoured look for the modern homes of today’s customers.
  5. Strong: The most durable wine cooling system on the market.

After years of development and testing, Wine Guardian Sentinel Series ducted and ducted split units are available to purchase. More information on the system can be found on the Wine Guardian Sentinel Series page.

About Wine Guardian

Wine Guardian is the leader in wine cellar cooling industry. As an Air Innovations company, we are able to combine our expertise in environment control systems with a passion for wine preservation. The result is our ability to deliver wine cellar cooling units to meet every commercial or residential need. Wine Guardian’s factory and headquarters are proudly located in the USA.

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