Wine Guardian Launches New Touchscreen Remote Interface Controller

Wine Guardian is delighted to announce its newest updated product— a touchscreen remote interface controller with standard Wireless2Base™ technology.

The touchscreen remote interface controller works in combination with our remote sensors to monitor and display wine room conditions such as temperature and humidity. Additionally, this new interface provides several alarm functions and onboard system diagnostics— making maintenance simple, straightforward, and easy.

Wine Guardian Touchscreen Remote Interface Controller
Wine Guardian Touchscreen Remote Interface Controller

The interface controls the Wine Guardian unit and can be placed inside or outside the wine room. Wireless2Base technology offers the user the option to place the remote controller in a more convenient location such as a kitchen or highly trafficked area for increased user visibility. While we recommend a wired connection, Wireless2Base technology provides a wireless solution for users with applications in historical buildings or for users who cannot drill through walls to make a wired connection between the interface and the cooling system.

The touchscreen remote interface controller is available now and is compatible with Wine Guardian ducted, ducted split, ductless split, and ceiling-mounted systems. Wine Guardian through-the-wall units have touchscreen controls built into the unit and are compatible with the touchscreen remote controller for use as a secondary sensor within the cellar or a remote indicator outside the wine room.

Visit our remote monitoring web page to learn more about our touchscreen controller.

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