Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall Cooling System Quietest and Most Energy Efficient Confirmed in Independent Testing

North Syracuse, NY (November 29, 2010)–Connoisseurs of fine wine store and age their collections according to special requirements that are not satisfied by a typical room air conditioner. So they turn to specialty cooling equipment provided by some manufacturers to control the internal environments of their wine cellars and storage rooms. Consumers can select from a variety of designs.

The newest in climate control solutions for wine storage is Wine Guardian’s Through-the-Wall (TTW) model, a compact and lightweight wine cooling system that has been specifically designed to fit into the same sized wall dimensions as competitive equipment, according to Wine Guardian Division Manager Michael Militi. In addition to its small footprint, which is an important consideration when building or retrofitting wine cellars, the system is available in two capacities to handle various cellar sizes and applications, Wine Guardian TTW009 and TTW018.

The patent pending Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall wine cellar cooling system sets itself apart from other wine cooling equipment by being the quietest and most energy-efficient through-wall system available in North America. These findings are based on research conducted by the Center for Atmospheric Research in Sciences and Engineering (CARES) at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY in the spring and summer of 2010.

“The CARES report illustrates the technical differences between units of approximately the same capacity, which is what the customers will want to know before deciding on the cooling system most appropriate for their wine collection,” explained Mike Militi. “Sound levels are important to customers whose wine cooling equipment is located in a space adjacent to living areas,” Militi explained.

Wine Guardian TTW Quietest and Most Energy Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling System

“The Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall units tested were approximately 50% quieter than the closest competitive unit tested.” Energy consumption during peak cooling, expressed in btu/hr/watts, also was measured. “Findings confirmed that both Wine Guardian models, TTW009 and TTW018, have the best cooling capacities per unit energy consumed. In fact, Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall systems use almost 50% less energy compared to competitive brands of comparable size,” Militi said.

CARES methodology included testing five different wine cooling units in a simulated wine room that closely mimicked typical cellar temperature and humidity conditions. The variables that were examined included: sound levels inside and outside the test room; airflow on both sides of each unit; electrical energy consumed; and, cooling capacity for each unit. The tested units included two Wine Guardian units, manufactured by Air Innovations (models TTW018 and TTW009), two WhisperKOOL units, manufactured by Vinotheque (models 4200 and 8000), and one Breezaire unit, manufactured by Breezaire Products Company (model 4000). The research was commissioned by Air Innovations.

Militi suggested contacting an authorized Wine Guardian distributor for more information on how to correctly size and select the most appropriate climate control system for your particular wine cellar. “A variety of factors must be considered,” he noted, “including the size of the space to be cooled, whether or not it’s for residential or commercial use, the type of wall and ceiling construction, and insulation values.

The Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall wine cooling system features an electronic thermostat and humidistat to monitor cellar temperature and humidity. To enhance design appeal, the system boasts a contemporary design with streamlined airflow louvers and a black and stainless steel faceplate incorporating the digital display. Wine Guardian TTW is the only wine cellar cooling system that can control the relative humidity in a cellar with the addition of an optional humidifier. The TTW control system monitors, displays, and controls the humidifier to control to the customer-selected set point. Wine Guardian TTW can easily be mounted flush with the cellar wall or racking, and includes Wine Guardian’s new EasyMount™ one-piece wall sleeve and support frame. Wine Guardian is manufactured with corrosion-resistant, commercial-grade components and is certified to Underwriters Laboratories standards.

About Wine Guardian
Wine Guardian, an Air Innovations company, is a world-renowned leader in wine preservation. Whether used in residential wine cellars, restaurant and hotel wine storage, or wine retail establishments, and regardless of the size of the wine cellar, Wine Guardian systems deliver superior performance in temperature and humidity to ensure perfect conditions for each wine collection. Wine Guardian systems incorporate cooling, heating, filtration, ducting, internal safety devices, and high or low ambient control as integrated solutions. Humidification can be built into the system at the time of order or added separately. Wine Guardian also offers multiple installation configurations, including through-the-wall (flush, fully recessed, or semi-recessed), remote mount, indoor, or outdoor (protected appropriately from the weather). All Wine Guardian products are made in the USA and certified to Underwriters Laboratories standards.

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