Wine Guardian Expands Distribution to Make Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Available Directly to Consumers

Wine Guardian, a world leader in commercial-grade wine cellar cooling systems for homes, hotels, restaurants, and commercial storage facilities has unveiled an expanded distribution model for its Through-the-Wall environmental control unit and freestanding humidifiers. Customers in the United States can now purchase Wine Guardian products directly using the company’s newly redesigned website at Wine Guardian is a division of Air Innovations, a global provider of specialty temperature, humidity, filtration, and pressure-control solutions for applications across a range of industries.

“We made this change with the customer in mind,” said Mike Wetzel, president of Air Innovations. “It will now be easier for them to access our products and contact us for advice about wine cellar best practices. We look forward to being able to interact more directly with our customers.”

Wine Guardian products were previously available only through an authorized distribution network. International customers can still purchase systems through the distribution network. Ducted systems, split systems, and other products that require more design and installation work are available through the distribution network.

The e-commerce platform is one example of how the new site brings Wine Guardian experts closer to their customers. Site visitors can use the new wine cellar cooling load calculator to select the proper cooling system for their needs. Other site features include tips for planning and constructing wine cellars, best practices for storing and preserving wine, and in-depth charts comparing Wine Guardian with other manufacturers’ products.

Engineered to accommodate residential wine cellars, restaurant and hotel wine storage, and wine retail locations, the Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall system includes an electronic thermostat and humidistat to monitor cellar temperature and humidity. Wine Guardian systems are specifically designed to replicate the underground conditions wine producers have trusted for centuries. Unlike other wine cooling systems, Wine Guardian controls the wine cellar environment by measuring and maintaining the air temperature and humidity, before they affect the wine. Other systems adjust air temperature based on the liquid temperature inside the bottle and subject the wine to greater temperature swings, potentially degrading the long-term viability of the wine. Wine Guardian systems are the quietest and most energy-efficient products in the industry and come in air-cooled or water-cooled varieties.

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About Wine Guardian
Wine Guardian, a division of Air Innovations, is a world leader in wine preservation. Regardless of the size of the space or the number of bottles being conditioned, Wine Guardian systems deliver superior performance in temperature and humidity to ensure quiet and perfect conditions for each wine collection, whether installed in commercial or residential cellars. Wine Guardian offers multiple installation configurations, including ducted, ducted split, and through-the-wall systems—all with numerous options and sensing, monitoring, and alarm capabilities. Wine Guardian systems incorporate cooling, heating, filtration, ducting, internal safety devices, and high or low ambient control as integrated solutions. Humidification can be built into the system at the time of order or added separately. For more information, visit or call 800-825-3268.

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