Wine Guardian® Wine Cooling Systems Now Feature Aluminum Coils

Aluminum evaporator and condenser coils reduce corrosion and increase the lifecycle of components

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Wine Guardian, the world leader in commercial-grade wine cellar cooling systems for homes, restaurants, and commercial storage facilities, now installs aluminum coils in its wine cellar cooling systems’ evaporator sections.  “Aluminum provides excellent barrier resistance between the corrosive atmosphere in a wine cellar and the cold, wet coil itself.  This ensures the coils won’t pit or corrode over time, thereby greatly extending the life of the components,” said Michael Militi, Wine Guardian division manager.  According to Militi, Wine Guardian is the only manufacturer of wine cooling equipment that specifies aluminum coils.  “Unique features like these give our clients confidence that their wine collections will be preserved at ideal temperatures for years to come.”

Wine Guardian aluminum coils

The decision to upgrade to aluminum was based on extensive testing in the company’s psychrometric laboratory, which simulates the kind of cold and humid conditions typically found in wine cellars.  “Introducing aluminum coils to our product line is just another example of the quality integrated into all Wine Guardian products,” Militi said.   “For instance, other commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant components, and materials found in all of our equipment include compressors, high static pressure fans, and powder-coated aluminum cabinets.  Aluminum also has the advantage of weighing less than coated coils, thereby making installation easier.”  Wine Guardian products meet rigorous UL and other international safety and reliability standards, and the company offers up to a 24-month parts and labor service warranty as well.

Wine Guardian previously specified phenolic-based coating (i.e. e-coating) on all its aluminum-fin copper tubing coils. “E-coated coils are far superior to the painted coils that most other competitors use,” Militi observed.  Currently, aluminum evaporator and condensing coils are installed in more than half of the company’s cooling systems; the remainder will be phased in during 2014.  “Upgrading to aluminum coatings is just another example of how Wine Guardian continues to drive innovation in this industry.”

About Wine Guardian:

Wine Guardian offers multiple installation configurations for wine-cellar air conditioning — including ducted, ducted split, and through-the-wall systems — all with numerous options and sensing, monitoring, and alarm capabilities. Wine Guardian systems incorporate cooling, heating, filtration, ducting, internal safety devices, and high or low ambient control as integrated solutions. Humidification can be built into the system at the time of order or added separately.

Wine Guardian products are distributed internationally. “Our representatives can help determine which model, capacity, and options are optimal for individual wine cellar design and storage needs,” Militi said.

Wine Guardian is a registered trademark of Air Innovations, which manufactures Wine Guardian products in New York State. Wine Guardian products are backed by a two-year warranty and factory service hotline team.

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