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Vesci Wine Cellar

The owner of the Vesci Wine Cellar project below was looking for a reliable cooling system that could be remotely installed and be basically invisible due to the entire room being viewable from the outside. They installed the Wine Guardian D050 self-contained cooling unit. This wine cellar is located in Charlotte, NC, and was featured on a television show.

Vesci Wine Cellar by Cellartec

Mooresville, NC Wine Cellar

The Mooresville, NC project was built to Cellartec’s wine cellar construction standards in a renovated second-floor room. The room features a Wine Guardian half-ton D050 self-contained cooling system with an integrated humidifier. The cooling unit is located in the adjacent insulated attic.

Mooresville Wine Cellar by Cellartec

McGowan Wine Cellar

The McGowan project is an award-winning room for the builder, Bost Custom Homes, and was completed in a totally renovated basement in Raleigh, NC. The walls are cinderblock with a corrugated steel ceiling and designer lighting. The door and racking are constructed of heavy-duty steel. The wine cooling system used in this beautiful wine room is a half-ton Wine Guardian D050 self-contained unit that is located in an adjacent mechanical room.

McGowan Wine Cellar by Cellartec

Redesigned Wine Cellar in Mooresville, NC

This wine cellar, located in a lakefront house, was originally an unconditioned wine vault. Cellartec-Wine Cellar Cooling helped to redesign the room to accommodate a Wine Guardian 1/4-ton ducted D025 self-contained cooling unit.

Wine Cellar by Cellartec

Custom Wine Cellars

The wine cellars shown below are all custom wine cellars cooled by Wine Guardian cooling units. The left cellar is cooled by a 1/4-ton D025 ducted cooling unit and is located in Charlotte, NC. The right cellar is located in Waynesville, NC, and is also cooled by a 1/4-ton D025 ducted unit. This cellar is integrated into a log cabin home and decorated with custom racking and antique furniture. The middle-left room is cooled with a 1/2-ton SS050 split wine cooling system. Located in Raleigh, NC, this room features a full-glass front and custom wood racking. The middle-right room is cooled by a 1/2-ton Ducted D050 cooling system and is located in Durham, NC. This room also has custom wood racking, a long tasting table, a large picture window in the front, and a glass wall & door to the side.

Wine Cellars Switched to Wine Guardian Units

Both of these cellars were cooled with a costly and unreliable conditioning unit before being replaced with a Wine Guardian 1/4-ton ducted D025 unit. The owners have never been happier with the reliability and cooling cost. The cellar on the right is located in High Point, NC.

Self-Storage Wine Facilities

The cellars below are both located in self-storage wine facilities. Both facilities are conditioned by two Wine Guardian 1-ton split SS088 cooling systems with integrated humidifiers. The facility on the left is located in Morrisville, NC while the facility on the right is located in Mebane, NC, and features individual storage lockers.

Basement Wine Cellars

These basement wine cellars all use Wine Guardian wine cooling units. The cellar on the left is located in Charlotte, NC, and uses a 1/4-ton ducted D025 cooling unit, which is located two floors above in the attic. The middle cellar is located in Durham, NC, and also uses a D025 ducted cooling system. The final cellar is located in Atlanta and was originally cooled by a different cooling manufacturer who went out of business. Now the room is conditioned by a D050 1/2-ton ducted cooling unit with an integrated humidifier.

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