Genuwine Cellars - Stunning Wine Cellar Project Gallery

Genuwine Cellars is a Wine Guardian distributer that designs and builds custom wine cellars. One of their recent projects is featured below. Carefully curated to meet the needs of wine enthusiast, this meticulously planned space combines functionality and aesthetics, providing a captivating environment to showcase and preserve the prized wine collection.

This Genuwine Cellars design is tailored to accommodate a variety of bottle sizes, including standard wine bottles, champagne bottles, and magnum-size bottles, ensuring versatility and convenience.

At the core of the cellar lies the Wine Guardian TTW018 Through the Wall Unit, known for its reliable temperature control. This cooling system guarantees the preservation of wines at their optimal conditions, safeguarding their quality and flavor.

The wine racks integrated into the design feature Label Line Bottle Displays Double Wide, Double Deep with Angled Display Row, which offer an aesthetically pleasing arrangement for the bottles. Complementing this, the Single Wide, Single Deep with Glass Shelves provides a touch of sophistication, enabling an elegant display of select bottles.

Incorporating a Tempered Glass Wall and Door System enhances the overall functionality and visual appeal of the wine cellar. This feature not only adds a stylish element but also enables the viewing and appreciation of the collection from outside the cellar, creating an engaging visual experience.

The custom wine cellar design seamlessly combines practicality and aesthetic charm, catering to the requirements of wine collectors and connoisseurs alike.

Looking to start your wine cellar project? Reach out to Genuwine Cellars’ expert team of designers. For more wine cellar inspiration, check out some other projects they have worked on here.

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