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Inviniti Cellar Design is a Wine Guardian distributor specializing in luxurious custom wine cellars. They have a vast portfolio of stunning wine cellar designs, featuring a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. With a focus on both aesthetic and functionality, Inviniti Cellar Design can renovate any space into a stunning wine cellar tailored to individual tastes and requirements.

In this project, a simple closet has been transformed into a gorgeous wine cellar that exudes elegance and sophistication. This innovative design utilizes light, matte black pegs from Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, and white pebbles to create a striking contrast. Instead of relegating the collection of wine to the dark corners of a basement, the decision was made to showcase it in a living room using glass, allowing the wine to be admired and appreciated.

When it came to pricing, Inviniti Cellar Design’s bid for this project was higher than that of their competitors. However, Inviniti Cellar Design’s team took the time to explain to the homeowner the reasons behind the higher cost. The team emphasized the longevity of their construction, ensuring that the wine cellar would withstand the test of time. They also emphasized the beauty of their craftsmanship, which would exceed their expectations.

The homeowner understood the value of investing in a wine cellar that would last. They recognized the importance of having a space that not only was a visually stunning display but one that would actually last. In the end, they made the wise decision to choose the more expensive option that would result in a product of exceptional quality.

The wine cellar is powered by a Wine Guardian ducted cooling unit to ensure that the wine cellar maintains the perfect temperature and humidity levels, to preserve the homeowner’s wine collection long-term.

In conclusion, this closet-turned wine cellar stands as a testament to the importance of investing in long-lasting quality work. Ready to get started on your next wine cellar project? Contact the experts at Inviniti Cellar Design today.

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