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When it comes to preserving and showcasing your wine collection, having the right wine cellar and climate control system is essential. Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions, based in Lewisville, North Carolina, has provided Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units for several impressive wine cellar projects. In this project gallery, we will delve into some of these remarkable installations and discover how Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions has partnered with expert wine cellar designers to create the perfect household storage environments for wine lovers.

Closet Conversion in Charlotte

Closet Conversion in Charlotte - Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions

Our journey begins with a transformed closet in Charlotte, North Carolina. What was once a humble storage space is now an exquisite wine room. This project features a Wine Guardian D025 Sentinel Series unit discreetly located in the crawlspace, ensuring optimal climate control. The unit was installed by the experts at Cellartec-Wine Cellar Cooling. The design and racking were executed by Caveman Cellars in Charlotte, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of this wine room. The result? A cozy, tucked-away haven for the homeowners to savor their precious collection.

Bourbon and Scotch Showcase in Durham

Bourbon and Scotch - Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions

Next, we venture to the Hills of Rosemont neighborhood in Durham, North Carolina, where a homeowner’s passion for bourbon and scotch takes center stage. Cellartec-Wine Cellar Cooling installed a Wine Guardian D050 self-contained ducted unit in an adjacent mechanical room to maintain the perfect climate for these cherished spirits. Loyd Builders constructed the room and racking, creating a captivating ambiance for the homeowner’s impressive collection.

Elegant Basement Wine Room in Charlotte

Elegant Basement - Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions

Moving on, we explore a stunning wine room situated in the basement of a newly constructed home by Gerrard Builders in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here, a Wine Guardian D025 ducted system, installed by Cellartec-Wine Cellar Cooling, ensures precise temperature and humidity control, safeguarding the homeowner’s wine collection. The construction and racking, impeccably executed by Gerrard Builders, perfectly complement the room’s aesthetic.

Another Luxurious Wine Room in Charlotte

Another Luxurious Wine Room - Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions

Our journey ends with another masterpiece by Gerrard Builders in Charlotte, North Carolina. This wine room in the basement of a custom-designed home boasts a Wine Guardian D025 self-contained unit located in the adjacent mechanical room. Gerrard Builders once again excels in room construction and racking, aligning seamlessly with Cellartec-Wine Cellar Cooling’s climate control expertise.

Whether it’s a closet conversion, basement renovation, or new construction, Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions has consistently delivered climate control solutions that meet the unique needs and preferences of their clients. Interested in a Wine Guardian unit for your next project? Contact the experts at Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions today! Be sure to check out additional projects that their team as worked on here.

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