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Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms is a Wine Guardian distributor that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind custom wine cellars/walls that will preserve and show off your collection for years to come. Their team focuses on maximizing bottle capacity while making the space as beautiful, classy, timeless, and stylish as possible. Below are two projects they’ve completed that feature Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units to properly cool the wine spaces to optimal wine storage temperatures.

Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms built the project below in Calgary, Alberta. The wine room’s glass walls allow guests to admire the wine collection from the homeowner’s wet bar. This wine space features a lot of room for wine storage with the capacity to store over 500 bottles! To properly cool the wine, a Wine Guardian CS025 Ceiling Mounted Ductless Split System was installed. Wine Guardian’s patented ceiling grille design was engineered to provide optimal airflow throughout the space.

Below is another Calgary wine room project. Like the previous project, it features glass walls and enough room to store over 500 bottles of wine. Cool air is ducted into the wine space from the cooling unit in a separate room. This ensures that no mechanical equipment is in the wine room taking up valuable racking space.

Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms has two locations and serves both the Okanagan Valley and Calgary area. Ready to build your dream wine room? Contact their team of experts today!

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