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Wine Guardian Wine Cabinets are a perfect addition to any wine lover’s home, offering convenient wine storage options right within your kitchen, den, or living room. These beautifully designed cabinets are handcrafted by our expert European partner and then shipped to our US factory to be assembled to your specifications. Try our our easy-to-use configuration tool to create your dream cabinet.

Wine Guardian developed several inspiration images to show off how the cabinet might look in your kitchen:

Our wine refrigerators have a timeless design and can be seamlessly integrated into any space. All six types of shelves and drawers are crafted using mahogany wood to give the cabinets a rich, elevated feel.

The shelves and drawers can be configured to accommodate diverse wine collections with different sized bottles. We designed the Cabinet Configuration Tool to adjust the spacing between shelves to accommodate various combinations of Burgundy and Magnum bottles, providing the flexibility to store different bottle sizes. Learn more about different wine bottle sizes.

These cabinets are also great for commercial uses like bars, restaurants, and clubs. Both our Single- and Multi-Zone cabinets can be set to control an extended range of serving temperatures. This makes it super convenient for business owners who would like to rotate their wine stock and change set point from season to season.

We have developed two preconfigured cabinets with commercial uses in mind. The “Ultimate Storage” Single-Zone and Multi-Zone cabinets contain all premium shelves to efficiently use all the cabinet space purely for storage. These can be added directly to your cart or personalized further for your needs.

For more information on Wine Guardian Wine Cabinets, visit our dedicated page or download the product brochure.

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