MacPhee’s: Wine Guardian Partner and Connoisseur of Wine Culture

Australia-based MacPhee’s has protected its clients’ precious wine collections for over 20 years. Today, the family-run company works closely with clients and leading architects, designers, and developers to design and build custom wine cellars and spaces. They work on projects across the country, creating wine storage spaces in homes, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Their offering includes a wide variety of racking systems that can be wall-mounted, freestanding, or installed floor-to-ceiling, and they also curate sophisticated wine and accessories. MacPhee’s team is as passionate and knowledgeable about wine and design as climate-control technology and takes great pleasure in promoting a love of wine culture.

Join The MacPhee’s Family

MacPhee’s has been in the wine business long enough to see wine cellars emerge from dark basements to focal points in living rooms. Their customers have evolved from wine aficionados looking to protect their prized possessions to newer collectors excited to typically approach MacPhee’s for unique ways to display, store, and age wine. Through their customized approach, the business knows how to balance between setting expectations and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in wine storage. Most clients remain part of the MacPhee’s wine family for years.

We are not in the appliance business. We design and install the highest quality, climate-controlled wine storage spaces, but our ultimate goal is to create a full-service wine experience. We want our clients to take pride in what they helped bring to life and to enjoy wine with their loved ones in or near that space.

Tania MacPhee, Managing Director

Problem Solvers

Commercial Challenge

A challenge energizes MacPhee’s designers and technical teams. Recently, they were approached by a developer who was designing a luxury residential building in Melbourne. Aware of a growing interest in wine culture, each apartment in the 12-unit building will be equipped with a wine room. Fortunately, MacPhee’s signed on early enough in the planning phase to help the architects overcome several significant challenges.

First, the placement of the wine rooms was not conducive to running ductwork to exhaust return air outdoors. Second, finding a place to house climate control mechanicals without disrupting the aesthetics of the residences proved challenging. There was not enough space to conceal a powerful enough split system or through-the-wall unit.

The Solution

MacPhee’s selected Wine Guardian ducted climate control system, designed for applications without enough space to house mechanicals. A discreet grille on the inside of the wine rooms will be connected by flexible ductwork to a unit containing the evaporator, fans, compressor, and condenser. The water-cooled ducted systems will be connected to a water tower on the roof of the building.

Residential Challenge

A customer wanted to convert an unused sauna in their home into a wine cellar and came to MacPhee’s for the job. Several considerations made this application noteworthy.

The clients planned to use the room for wine storage and entertainment. They envisioned an all-glass front wall and wanted to access the room via a glass door. They hoped to make the space look and feel like a work of art by incorporating a sheet of onyx, bluestone cladding, and custom wine racks. Since they started with a smaller footprint, there was very little usable space to install a wine cooling system without disrupting the room’s beauty.

The Solution

MacPhee’s had enough experience to look beyond cubic feet to identify the most appropriate climate control system. Elements like glass, how often a wine room will be accessed, underfloor heating, and heat production from nearby appliances are significant considerations when calculating the heat load in any application.

The design and technical team landed on a Wine Guardian ducted system because they could fit the entire unit in the ceiling. Supply and return air was delivered via flexible ductwork to a self-contained unit containing the mechanicals.

The result is a gorgeous space the homeowners enjoy with friends, confident their wine collection is protected.

Going The Extra Mile

Engaging MacPhee’s on a residential or commercial application does not end when a wine cellar is completed. As wine enthusiasts, the staff derives great satisfaction in helping customers fill their wine cellars and displays with their favorite vintages. MacPhee’s also hosts wine tasting events with talented sommeliers and educates clients on food and wine pairings. Wine Guardian is honored to be part of the MacPhee’s family and looks forward to providing climate control solutions for many more years.

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