Mastering Wine Preservation: The 15-Year Journey of Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions

The history of Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions tells a rich story. After 25 years as a licensed mechanical contractor in the climate control sector, founder Anthony Siano established the company to focus solely on building wine cellars and maintaining pristine conditions in them. Over the past 15 years, the Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions team has cultivated expertise in all aspects of wine storage, including the installation, service, and maintenance of a broad range of wine cellar cooling systems. In fact, the eCommerce arm of the business offers commercial-grade temperature and humidity control for wine collections of any size in any residential or commercial setting, including luxury homes, high-rise apartments, and restaurants across the continental United States. Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions has been a leading exclusive distributor of Wine Guardian systems for over ten years. The team at Wine Guardian are proud of our partnership with Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions and look forward to collaborating well into the future.

What sets Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions apart?

Beautiful Wine Room - Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions
Durham, NC – Designed and built by Homes by Dickerson. D050 installed by Cellartec-Wine Cellar Cooling.

Technical Expertise

Since 1982, the leadership team at Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions has been in the business of keeping things cool and dry. As a licensed mechanical contractor, Anthony has applied the core principles of climate control to a variety of applications for over forty years. Anthony understands better than most that maintaining a pristine environment is more complex than calculating just the cubic feet of a space. He appreciates the technical requirements, environmental considerations, and nuances that go into wine preservation. Anthony has the depth of experience to talk shop with any HVAC professional, builder, or ambitious do-it-yourselfer.

Cozy wine room - Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions
Waxhaw, NC – Design and construction by Caveman Cellars. D050 installed by Cellartec-Wine Cellar Cooling.

Trusted Advisors

Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions sells climate control systems for wine storage. However, customers have come to appreciate that the company is far more than an online business-to-consumer shop and most of them take advantage of unadvertised advisory services. The experts at Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions encourage you to pick their brains. They know the questions to ask to understand the scope of a project before guiding customers to the optimal wine cellar cooling unit. They are equipped to talk about everything related to wine storage, including the conditions around a space, climate control solutions, ductwork, design, and construction, and take great pride in educating customers on the essential components of wine preservation. Anthony and his team relate to customers and educate them in a way that helps anyone from a contractor to a wine-loving homeowner feel confident in the preservation of the wine collection they are preserving.

Beautiful wine room - Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions
Cornelius, NC – Built and designed by Augusta Homes. D025 installed by Cellartec-Wine Cellar Cooling.

Longevity with Wine Guardian

The staff at Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions knows everything about Wine Guardian equipment. As an exclusive distributor, they are very familiar with the features of each system and how to install and service them. They work closely with Wine Guardian’s team when new products are released to understand what makes the new systems unique, so they are best able to advise clients. Anthony’s favorite Wine Guardian unit is the Ceiling Mounted Wine Wall Cooling System, a quiet, ductless split unit that he recommends to customers with small- to mid-sized wine cellars with limited space to house mechanicals. It sits near-flush with the ceiling with the evaporator and condensing units housed separately outside a wine space.

Large wine room - Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions
Chapel Hill, NC – Built and designed by Loyd Builders. D050 installation by Cellartec-Wine Cellar Cooling.

“I have been very lucky to see a company like Wine Guardian evolve their product line. Twenty years ago, all wine-preserving equipment was intrusive and, frankly, ugly. Wine Guardian has remained one step ahead and consistently over the years, offering solutions that are not just operationally superior, they are sophisticated looking and as unobtrusive as possible. Wine Guardian has hit the nail on the head.”

Anthony Siano, Founder and CEO

Interested in learning more about Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions? Contact their team of experts today or see some of the projects they’ve been apart of.

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