Selecting a Wine Cellar Builder/Contractor

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When selecting a wine cellar builder, choose a contractor who knows wine rooms from top to bottom.

Selecting a wine cellar builder can be a difficult task. Finding the right craftsman with a flair for your style and your budget can be challenging. The contractor not only has to have the technical ability to install a variety of wine racking systems, but should be proficient in the proper construction techniques of a wine cellar. Understanding the need for a vapor barrier, proper insulation, exterior grade doors, glazing options and sealing of the complete enclosure are paramount to a well-built wine room.

A contractor should have experience in all of the above, with several successful projects in their portfolio. In addition, the contractor should know how the wine cellar cooling unit interacts with the environment. Should a Split System be used, a Through The Wall or a Self-Contained unit? Planning and forethought for their proper installation as well as determining supply and return register placement in walls and ceilings are key.

The bottom line is that a good contractor should have a working knowledge of proper wine room airflow, and the ability to expertly blend your design elements with the functions of a wine room cooling unit.

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