Sensible vs. Latent Temperature

All heat is not created equal.

Houston vs. Dallas. Kuwait vs. Riyadh. Merida vs. Monterrey. Anyone who has traveled to desert areas and rainforests knows that there’s a big difference between dry heat and wet heat. And at Wine Guardian, we know the difference too.

When a refrigeration system operates it can cool, reduce moisture, or both, depending on its design. Scientists refer to wet heat as latent heat and dry heat as sensible.

It is possible to cool the air without removing too much moisture. That’s exactly what Wine Guardian equipment is designed to do, ensuring your wine is stored at the proper temperature and humidity levels. It won’t dry out the air while it is cooling at wine cellar temperatures, and that’s efficient from an energy consumption point of view. Plus, it’s very important in assuring that the corks in wine bottles don’t dry out, which could compromise wine aging, and that excessive moisture is controlled to avoid mold and damage to wine labels.

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