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Wine Cellar Cooling in Cold Climates

Should I heat my wine cellar?

In many cases, especially in northern climates, the answer is yes. Any cellars that would be subject to ambient temperatures below 55°F (13°C) should be protected with a heating coil. Without the ability to heat, a cooling unit can do nothing if the temperature in the cellar falls below the control set point. The best system is one where the heating is integrated into the cooling unit and works off the same thermostat. This prevents any overlap where a freestanding heater might be on at the same time the cooling unit is cooling. Again, with the cellar thermostat controlling both heating and cooling, the wine liquid temperature will remain constant throughout the year.

What is a low ambient control option used for?

Low ambient control options are used when the condenser or outside portion of the unit will be exposed to cold outside air temperatures of 40°F (4°C) or lower, for example, if the unit is located in a garage. The low ambient feature cycles the condenser fan on and off based on system pressures to maintain the right balance. The option also includes a compressor crankcase heater that keeps the oil within the system at elevated temperatures so it doesn’t freeze.

See the Low Ambient Option for 1/4 ton units, Low Ambient Option for 1/2 ton units, Low Ambient Option for 1 ton units, Low Ambient Option for 2 ton units.

The solution? Wine Guardian’s electric heat option.

Wine Guardian’s electric heat option, available in ducted systems, is required when the temperature in the rooms surrounding the wine cellar may drop below 50°F (10°C) for an extended period of time. The construction of the wine cellar and the insulation values of the walls and ceilings will determine how long it will take for the wine cellar temperature to fall below setpoint.

The Wine Guardian heater option acts to warm the air entering the wine cellar in order to maintain a constant set point. The ¼-ton and ½-ton units incorporate a 1-kilowatt heater; the 1-ton and 2-ton units include a 2-kilowatt heater. The heater has the ability to heat the air from five to 12 degrees depending upon the Wine Guardian unit’s size.

The electric heat option includes an integral electric heating element, thermal overload protection device and controls. The Wine Guardian will either cool or heat the air, but it is not designed to do both at the same time. The Wine Guardian electric heat option must be specified at time of order and installed at our factory.

Electric Heater Option for 1/4 ton unitsElectric Heater Option for 1/2 ton units, Electric Heater Option for 1 ton units, Electric Heater Option for 2 ton units.