How to know if you need Low Ambient Protection

Thermometer in the snow

Product Profile: low ambient protection

Low ambient protection is required when the air across the Wine Guardian condenser will be below 40 degrees F. Remember, this is not only the temperature of where the Wine Guardian unit is located but the conditions of the air from outdoors should your customer need to duct air into the condenser from outside of the residence or building.

Many areas across the country have sustained temperatures below 40 degrees F during winter months and adding this option will protect the compressor from temperatures that are too cold for its proper operation. Temperatures below 40 Degrees F cause the oil in the compressor to loose its viscosity and affect the proper lubrication of the compressor internals.

The two main components of our Low Ambient Protection option are a “crankcase heater” which is a heater located underneath the compressor to keep its oil warm and a “fan cycling switch”. The fan cycling switch turns on and off the condenser fan as needed to keep the refrigerant pressures within preset levels. When the condenser coil is subjected to cold air it doesn’t always need air flow across itself to provide sufficient cooling of the refrigerant. The fan cycling switch provides this airflow control.

The Low Ambient Protection option must be installed at our factory and must be specified at time of order.

Product Profile: Wine Guardian heater

The Wine Guardian heater option is required when the temperature in the rooms surrounding the wine cellar have the possibility of dropping below 50 degrees for an extended period of time. The construction of the wine cellar and the insulation values of the walls and ceilings will determine how long it will take for the wine cellar temperature to fall below set point.

The Wine Guardian heater option acts to warm the air entering the wine cellar in order to maintain a constant set point. The 1/4-ton and 1/2-ton units incorporate a 1-kilowatt heater and the 1-ton and 2-ton units include a 2-kilowatt heater.

The heater has the ability to heat the air from five to twelve degrees depending upon the Wine Guardian’s size. The heater option includes an integral electric heating element, thermal overload protection device and controls. Our standard Honeywell thermostat is used as it has a heating feature already included as one of its functions. The Wine Guardian will either cool or heat the air but it is not designed to do both at the same time. The Wine Guardian heater option must be installed at our factory and must be specified at time of order.

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