Condensate Pump Field Wiring Installation

Tools required:

  • Screwdriver – Phillips head
  • Terminal crimping tool (for FASTON style quick connect crimp terminal)
  • Wire strippers
  • Needle nose pliers


  2. Working from the side of the unit where the control panel is, remove both side grilles, covers or duct adapters. Every Wine Guardian installation is different. Photo below shows both side covers.
Side covers
  1. It is recommended that you route the condensate connection wires through the provided hole located next to the Comm ports.
  2. Remove top and bottom center screws from control panel.
  3. Control panel may now be gently pulled away from chassis.
  4. Snap in the plastic bushing, included with condensate pump kit, into 3/8” hole in control panel.
  5. Locate the ¼” terminals marked CNDST_1 & CNDST_2 and small black jumper near the top center of the circuit board. Refer to area marked in red in the photo below:
CNDST terminals
Location of the CNDST terminals
  1. Feed two wires from condensate pump switch (or wires that will be used for the pump switch) thru the bushing installed in step #8 and bring them up above the terminals marked CNDST_1 & CNDST_2.
  2. Strip wires back about ¼” and crimp on supplied terminals.
  3. Press one wire on each of the terminals marked CNDST_1 & CNDST_2. Polarity does not matter.
  4. Carefully relocate control panel back into side of the Wine Guardian unit and fasten in place with screws.
  5. Attach side covers, grilles or duct adapters using previously removed screws.
  6. Attach both wires to condensate pump switch following pump manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. If needed the latest electrical schematic can be found here.
  8. Plug Wine Guardian power cord back into power source and operate unit as normally done.
  9. Access the Remote Interface’s Settings menu, cycle through to Setting 17 and update it to display “1” to enable the condensate switch.

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