Celebrating a Decade-Long Partnership with Vineyard Wine Cellars

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For nearly two decades, Vineyard Wine Cellars has devoted their business exclusively to designing and installing in-home and commercial wine cellars. Based in Texas, Vineyard Wine Cellars has cultivated a deep knowledge of wine cooling technology, which enables them to guide their clients through even the most complex applications. They have a wealth of experience working with builders specializing in newly constructed homes – as well as an impressive roster of corporate clients. Wine Guardian is very proud to have partnered with Vineyard Wine Cellars for nearly 15 years of their exciting journey.

New Construction

Vineyard Wine Cellars has garnered the attention of builders all over Texas because the word is out, they have an unsurpassed depth of experience. No matter the challenges of a project, our friends at Vineyard Wine Cellars have likely already faced and overcome similar obstacles. Their go-to solutions for new construction homes are Wine Guardian self-contained wine cooling systems. These wine cooling units were designed to meet the requirements of most cellars. The team at Vineyard Wine Cellars appreciates that the systems are fully ductable, which gives them a lot of flexibility during install.

A Consultative Approach

One thing that makes working with Vineyard Wine Cellars a rewarding experience is their commitment to edifying clients. Sarah Palmer and her team take a deep dive into every project and take pride in making sure their residential and commercial customers understand how and why decisions are being made. For instance, they make sure their clients know not to base the size of a cooling unit on cubic footage alone. By the end of a project, their customers appreciate the impact glass enclosures and hot walls have on the selection of a cooling unit.

“We have seen a lot over our twenty-year history in the business. The experience has enabled us to hone our problem-solving skills, which brings added value to our clients. Our long partnership with Wine Guardian is another feather in our cap: we can depend upon their products and customer service, which ultimately helps us deliver an exceptional experience to our clients.” 

-Sarah Palmer, VP, Vineyard Wine Cellars

The company’s consultative approach also makes complex applications especially rewarding for Vineyard Wine Cellars. When prospects come with grand visions for their wine cellars, each wine cellar expert in their company truly listens and helps clients understand inherent obstacles and how certain modifications might solve problems. For instance, Vineyard Wine Cellars recently installed a cooling solution for a wine cellar that included a 15-foot free-standing arch that could not accommodate a vapor barrier. In addition to being able to consult with one of our Wine Guardian experts, the Vineyard Wine Cellar team also used Wine Guardian’s advanced mode heat load calculator, which made the process easier, and the result was a beautiful, climate-controlled wine cellar.

Delta Sky Club

One of Vineyard Wine Cellars’ most ambitious projects was a wine wall feature at the heart of the 9,000 square foot Delta Sky Club at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The custom-built glass tower displays over 200 bottles of wine and is able to maintain both storage and serving temperatures for its collection of red and white vintages. The open-concept design left no ceiling or walls to house the mechanicals of a cooling unit, which was an enormous challenge to overcome.

Vineyard Wine Cellar selected two of our fully ducted systems to execute the project because the self-contained units are ideal for applications comprising a lot of glass. The team built custom wells above the wine tower in which to hide the refrigeration units without disrupting the aesthetic. Vineyard Wine Cellars also masterfully separated supply and return air within the made to order millwork cabinets. It was a triumph for Vineyard Wine Cellars and we are incredibly proud to have played a role in the execution of this elegant and unique wine wall.

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