Celebrating a Decade-Long Partnership with Wine Care Concepts

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Wine Care Concepts have been a business-to-business reseller of wine cooling systems for almost thirty years. They provide a full array of wine storage technology to meet the needs of any application, in addition to guiding their clientele on proper room preparation, system configuration, installation, and maintenance. Based in Brewster, New York, Wine Care Concepts has been a Wine Guardian partner for over two decades and we have valued the relationship every step of the way.

Befriending Our Founders

Our friends at Wine Care Concepts vividly recall learning about Wine Guardian. Our self-contained units had recently come on the market and they couldn’t believe the compact solutions were commercial grade. A year later, in 1999, they started selling the units and received very favorable responses from their home builders, HVAC companies, and even plumbing and heating businesses. But, it was Wine Guardian founders, Larry and Mike Wetzel, who left an even bigger impression.

The father and son duo have spent the majority of their careers designing and manufacturing specialty air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for a variety of industries. Avid wine collectors themselves, it is no surprise they started engineering wine cellar cooling systems. The team at Wine Care Concepts eventually met Larry and Mike and found them to be as personable as they were industrious. The admiration is mutual.

“When the ducted self-contained units came on the market, it was a home run for Larry and Mike. The technology revolutionized the industry and placed Wine Guardian squarely ahead of the pack, where these guys remain today.”

-Michael Sullivan, Sales, Wine Care Concepts
They Aren’t Just Taking Orders

At a superficial level, Wine Care Concepts’ business model is centered around selling wine cooling systems. However, what truly differentiates them from their competitors is a commitment to educating and satisfying their customers. When they connect with prospects, the sales team at Wine Care Concepts listens and encourages a dialogue about what the customer is trying to achieve and how much experience they have to successfully execute a plan. Integrity is vital to their sales process.

It all begins with a properly installed cooling system – because, without it, customer satisfaction is impossible. So, before Wine Care Concepts ships products to their new clients, they review and answer questions about how space has been prepared and how the system has been configured to function within the cellar. In other words, the success of Wine Care Concepts is very much dependent upon the success of their clients.

Empowering Their Clients

There is a reason the majority of Wine Care Concepts clients have been on board for 15 years or more. Over time, they gain knowledge and learn the skills from Wine Care Concepts needed to build their own niche. The general contractor who builds new construction homes can guide their own buyers on how to incorporate a beautiful new wine cellar into the design. Even plumbers and HVAC professionals have established themselves as qualified wine cellar installers through their relationship with Wine Care Concepts.

Wine Guardian is proud to provide the go-to cooling units our partners utilize to help make these relationships as strong and enduring as they are.

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