Celebrating a Decade-Long Partnership with WineRacks.com

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WineRacks.com has been bringing comprehensive wine storage solutions to the residential and commercial sectors since 1994. Based in the Hudson Valley, New York, the company has cultivated such a depth of experience over its more than 25 years of history. Regional, national, and even global clients come to them for everything from the wine cellar and store design, to custom racking, to inventory management. They have a particular penchant for custom wine cellars and retail wine displays. Beyond what WineRacks.com offers its customers, the leadership team is equally devoted to the WineRacks staff and prioritizes professional development. As a result, many members of the WineRacks.com team have been there since day one. We are incredibly honored to have worked alongside WineRacks.com for more than two decades.


Over 20 years ago, our friends at WineRacks.com were looking for an improvement to through-the-wall product offerings already on the market. Through a mutual connection, they pitched the need for a more robust solution to Wine Guardian’s founders Larry and Mike Wetzel, who were going through their own investigation into various wine cooling solutions. Larry and Mike shared an interest in bringing to market commercial-grade climate control technology that could also be used in homes. Their willingness to listen to WineRacks.com left an indelible impression, as did the system they came up with. This type of cooperative dynamic is what has fueled our partnership with WineRacks.com. 


We are extraordinarily grateful that WineRacks.com values our partnership as much as we value theirs. We couldn’t be in better company. One commonality between us is a deep commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Part of that equation is how we handle when things go wrong. In the face of anything from an installation challenge to an unexpected technical glitch, WineRacks.com has come to expect speedy resolution from us. They have a direct line to our top customer service technicians, who are qualified—and proven—to guide WineRacks.com toward the best solution.

“Wine Guardian products are great and we highly recommend them. But, sometimes things come up because nothing is perfect. Wine Guardian fixes problems fast. They are very good about keeping customer service #1.”

–Michael Babcock, President, WineRacks.com
One-Stop-Shop For Retailers

What sets WineRacks.com apart from the others is the breadth of expertise and products they offer, particularly to the retail market. They have extensive experience bringing large retail wine storage projects to fruition. WineRacks.com doesn’t just supply material solutions, they have deep experience in how stores should flow, where dollars should be invested to maximize ROI, and how to display products best. They build fine wine rooms in higher-end boutique stores and offer a plethora of racking from metal to wooden products. It’s no wonder they are in high demand and we are so pleased to be part of what makes them exceptional.

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