Condensate Pump Field Wiring Installation

Tools required: Screwdriver – Phillips headTerminal crimping tool (for FASTON style quick connect crimp terminal)Wire strippersNeedle nose pliers Procedure: TURN OFF POWER AND UNPLUG WINE GUARDIAN POWER CORD FROM POWER SOURCE!Working from the side of the unit where the control panel is, remove both side grilles, covers or duct adapters. Every Wine Guardian installation is Read More »

Through the Wall Duct Collar Kit Installation

Phase 1: Duct Collar Kit Remove the two screws located at the bottom of the condenser side cover panel. Pull the panel out and down away from the Through-the-Wall (TTW) assembly. Place the panel on a soft surface, a piece of foam or towel so as to not mar or scratch the panel face.Remove the Read More »

Installing the Wine Guardian Remote Sensor (Legacy)

The remote sensor is a combination temperature and humidity sensor only. It is designed to be mounted within the wine cellar and can be used in combination with the remote interface controller or up to two additional remote sensors to read and control multiple areas within the wine cellar. Mounting the Remote Sensor Disconnect the Read More »

V46 Pressure-Actuated Water-Regulating Valve

The V46 pressure-actuated modulating valves come in two types of control action: direct acting or reverse acting. Direct-acting V46 valves are typically used for regulating refrigerant head pressure in water-cooled condensers. Reverse-acting V46N valves are typically used for bypass service on refrigeration systems and heat pump applications. Commercial V46 valves may be used with standard Read More »

Changing the Power Cord location on Through-The-Wall Units

The power cord is factory wired on the condenser side of the system. If you require the cord on the wine cellar side for plugging into an available outlet, this can be accomplished by removing the 3-wire leads (ground included) and moving the cord to the opposite side control bracket and wire nutting the black, Read More »