Smithling Cellars - "The Grove" Project Gallery

Smithling Cellars is a Wine Guardian distributor located in Syracuse, New York. They specialize in designing and building custom wine cellars.

The Grove” is a recent wine cellar project they completed in Spring 2022. This cellar was constructed with a beautiful wood ceiling and beams with a recessed chandelier. In addition, “The Grove” features curved corner wine racks, display LED lights, an arch over a granite shelf, and a custom granite island. The cellar can store roughly 900 bottles of wine which are protected by a Wine Guardian TTW018 wine cellar cooling unit. The Through-the-Wall system ensures that the wine cellar maintains a consistent wine storage temperatures.

Interested in working with Smithling Cellars on your next project? Contact them today. See some of the other wine room projects that feature Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling systems:

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