Celebrating a Decade-Long Partnership with Evolution Air

10-Year Partner Logo

Evolution Air is a division of Enerplace, which has been an indoor air quality (IAQ) expert since 1979 and is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Evolution Air specializes in the distribution of a wide range of IAQ equipment and solutions to HVAC wholesalers across Canada. In fact, as master distributors, the company is the exclusive Canadian distributor for many of the products they offer. Their offering includes air filters, HEPA air cleaners, wine cellar cooling equipment, and other HVAC products. Evolution Air has been going for nearly 20 years and Wine Guardian is proud to have them as a partner.


Evolution Air is a business-to-business (B2B) operation serving the heating and cooling companies from one Canadian coast to the other. Evolution Air is known for being able to get builders and specialty retailers everything they need, and fast. They have established secure relationships with vendors, like Wine Guardian, whereby products are expedited as needed. No matter their HVAC need, Evolution Air clients know where to go. This reliable and speedy service is also why the company experiences a high rate of repeat business.

It’s All In The Calculation

The team at Evolution Air advises its customers to educate themselves prior to selecting a wine cooling solution. In the vast experience of Evolution Air, well-educated clients influence customer satisfaction. They direct their clients to the Wine Guardian heat load calculator to make sure a cooling unit is appropriately sized.

“Everyone along the chain of a project—from the designer to the contractor to the end-user—needs to know what goes into executing an efficient wine storage area and the Wine Guardian website calculator is a fantastic place to start. The advanced mode allows customers to input detailed information about the specifications of their application. For instance, if there is no space for a mechanical room, a split system might be the best option. Selecting the right type of system is obviously important, but one also needs the right amount of cooling power to properly preserve wine over a long period of time.”

—Murray Rideout, President, Evolution Air
When Things Get Complicated

As a specialty company, Evolution Air sticks to the business at hand: distributing a range of IAQ products to its HVAC wholesalers and prioritizes excellent customer service along the way. However, once in a while an application is complicated enough to warrant a more hands-on approach. When projects defy convention, Evolution Air favors a collaborative approach to finding solutions. They are available to help anticipate challenges and to troubleshoot when issues come up. The company has fostered a close tie with Wine Guardian. Over a decade and a half and also taps into them for additional technical support.

Wine Guardian will be right by Evolution Air as they continue to serve Canadian HVAC wholesalers across the country. It has been a privilege!

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