Celebrating a Decade-Long Partnership with Vintage Cellars

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Vintage Cellars has been designing and building custom wine storage spaces and cellars since 1990. Based in San Marcos, California, their clients comprise luxury homeowners, restaurateurs, and hoteliers across the country. From small refrigerated wine cabinets to racking and cooling solutions for expansive cellars, the team has cultivated a depth of experience to create even the most complex custom applications that are as elegant as they are functional. By keeping abreast of the latest in wine cellar innovation and by genuinely listening to its customers, Vintage Cellars prides itself on exceptional customer satisfaction. The company also has an online presence and showroom and a business-to-business channel selling to HVAC providers. Being a valued Vintage Cellars partner for over a decade has been an honor for us at Wine Guardian.

Turnkey Solution

Whether designing a traditional look or a modern one, Vintage Cellars offers everything one might need to execute the perfect wine storage space. Even when they are in business with an experienced contractor, Vintage Cellars knows how easy it is to miscalculate the required heat load or to place a cooling unit in the wrong place within a wine cellar. To that end, Vintage Cellars is never just selling racks, cooling solutions, and cellar doors. They get involved by listening and asking the right questions to ensure that a climate-controlled environment will protect a client’s investment in wine for decades to come. Its their commitment to paying attention to the details that creates wine cellars that not only have optimal cooling capabilities, but look terrific as well.

What energizes the Vintage Cellars team the most is creating wine storage rooms from the ground up. The designers get to know their clients to uncover the desired look-and-feel of an ideal space. They also have enough technical knowledge to provide practical advice on maintaining a pristine environment. Vintage Cellars has a highly-skilled installation team with many decades of combined experience, ensuring everything from the insulation to placement of the just-right cooling unit is perfect.

Stake In The Results

Vintage Cellars has been in business for thirty years, with a number of employees boasting tenures almost as long. As a result, many of the lines of employee responsibilities—sales, customer service, tech support—are blurred. They know the business inside and out: how to calculate heat load, which wine racks are the most versatile, the most common obstacles new wine cellar builders experience. In other words, working for Vintage Cellars is a job and a labor of love. Everyone is vested in positive client outcomes. So, go ahead, pick their brains.

“We take a consultative approach to everything we do to make sure what our clients have in mind is going to function beautifully. We have found the best way to meet with success is by contributing to every part of the process. We know what we are doing, and we do it well.”

—Christophe Noel, President, Vintage Cellars
They Keep Coming Back

Referrals and repeat customers make up a significant portion of Vintage Cellar’s overall business. Experts at Vintage Cellars are available to answer any question or concern that a customer may have. Their commitment to excellence and exceptional customer satisfaction is part of the reason clients keep coming back. Vintage Cellars also prioritizes having a variety of cooling solutions available to meet any application requirements. Since Vintage Cellars designs and constructs everything from under-stair wine cabinets to wine walls to large wine cellars, they need an array of cooling systems to complement any project. As partners with us for over a decade, their team has become experts of Wine Guardian’s line of wine cooling units.

“Wine Guardian systems are so versatile and robust; they just do what we need them to do. For instance, we know that some of their units come with an integrated humidifier should we need that. There are low ambient options and heaters. We like our customers to think of us as a one-stop-shop for all their wine cellar needs. Wine Guardian products help us do that.”

—Christopher Noel, President, Vintage Cellars

For us at Wine Guardian, it has been a great experience working with everyone at Vintage Cellars for so many years. We are honored that they trust our Wine Guardian cooling units to provide temperature control for their client’s builds. Their dedication to the fine art of wine preservation proves true with over 25,000 satisfied customers. With an experienced team of professionals, Vintage Cellars can be trusted to design and build a highly customized cellar for your wine collection. Here’s to another decade of an amazing partnership!

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