Celebrating a Decade-Long Partnership with Heritage Vine

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Heritage Vine is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona – with offices peppered throughout the country – and designs, crafts, and delivers high-end custom wine cellars. The company combines leading-edge technology with elegant design to bring to life the visions of its residential and commercial clients. Heritage Vine also manufactures racks and wine room components in their Scottsdale facility or at a facility in Connecticut. The team prides itself on listening to clients and utilizing decades of combined experience to solve problems and exceed expectations on every application. Once a project has been designed and crafted on-site, Heritage Vine delivers and installs wine cellars in homes and restaurants across the country. Wine Guardian is so proud to have been supplying cooling solutions to Heritage Vine for over a decade.

Listen First

Prospective clients come to Heritage Vine because they have an idea in mind and they are seeking a custom solution. Customers want a wine cellar that has been crafted to their unique specifications and discerning taste. To that end, Heritage Vine pairs each customer with a dedicated designer who visits in person (whenever possible) and prioritizes listening. They get to know the tastes, ideas, and scope of a client’s wine collection before putting pen to paper.

Heritage Vine designers then run through images and ideas based on client wishes and create 3D renderings to help bring a concept to life. Since all cellars are custom-crafted at one of their facilities, the designers work closely with builders and know exactly what the team can execute. Once all parties are aligned and the design is finalized, the pieces are manufactured and installed by the Heritage Vine team. Through the collaboration process, clients feel a tremendous sense of pride in ownership. They made their wine cellar dreams come true!

Depth of Knowledge

Heritage Vine designers possess a level of expertise that is not limited to modern versus traditional racking trends or knowing which wine cellar materials will best suit a space. They know that any wine cellar is only as good as the system that cools it. Heritage Vine engineers are adept at calculating the heat load of any space and are aware of the obstacles that could potentially jeopardize an application. In fact, designing the look and feel of a wine room goes hand-in-hand with selecting a complementary cooling unit. One cannot happen without the other.

“Our designers know that refrigeration is not dependent solely upon the size of a space. A 5X5 foot room enclosed on all sides in single pane glass would require a cooling unit three times as powerful as one properly insulated. The technical details need to hold up or an application won’t succeed.”

–Jamie Dunjey, President, Heritage Vine
A Focus on Innovation

In addition to the highest quality standards, Heritage Vine is dedicated to innovation. The company provides its clients with the latest in wine-cellar design while also keeping a close eye on advancements in wine-cooling technology. The company values versatility and reliability because protecting wine as it ages is integral to what they do. Heritage Vine expects as much from the climate control systems they incorporate into their applications as they do from the materials they use and the processes they follow.

“We have worked with Wine Guardian forever because they are as committed to quality and innovation as we are. Our latest favorite is the Wine Guardian Pro series. Our clients can maintain a pristine environment for their prized collections from anywhere in the world. The Pro units connect to any smart thermometer and couldn’t be easier to use or more dependable.”

–Jamie Dunjey

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