Wine Guardian Website Redesigned

Wine Guardian – the world leading brand of wine-room cooling units – is excited to announce the redesign of its website.

The new website features brand-new tools to help customers learn more about Wine Guardian systems:

• A completely redesigned Wine Cellar Cooling Calculator that’s far more user intuitive.
• 3D interactive product images for a complete 360-degree view of our systems. Users can see examples at bottom of the each product page (such as the Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Unit page).
• The new and improved Resources and Manuals section features a browsing system to quickly find the manual or specifications sheet you need.
• An all-new Find a Distributor page with filters that make it easier to filter by country or by the distributors’ provided services.

The company made special consideration to highlight the work of its partner distributors by featuring distributors’ projects on the homepage.

For more information on Wine Guardian products, visit

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