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Troubleshooting: What To Do When Something Has Gone Wrong In Your Wine Cellar

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By: Russ Warner, Technical Support Manager Even though most of us know better, we are all guilty now and again of failing to read instructional manuals. We put things together with a false sense of confidence and get frustrated when they don’t function properly and we may even resort to blaming the manufacturer for poor

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The Best Wines for the Holiday Season with Marc Supsic

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyY7vaCQlnQ Marc Supsic of Wine Living joins us at Wine Guardian to share the best wines of the holiday season. Marc covers everything from spectacular sparkling wines to festive pinot noir. If you enjoyed this video, go check out Mark's YouTube Channel.

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Wine Guardian Unveils New Ceiling System

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Wine Guardian is excited to announce its newest wine cellar cooling unit— a ceiling system designed specifically for recessed ceiling mounting! The ceiling mounted system is ideal for applications such as wine storage displays, all-glass wine rooms, and rooms that have no space to run ductwork or to install a traditional ductable unit. Ceiling Mounted

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